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May 2008



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May. 28th, 2008

(no subject)

new lj.








Dec. 15th, 2007

check this out!

Oct. 17th, 2006

(no subject)

there are a few songs that i love more than anything.

a second home - the overnight
hey there delilah - plain white ts
a perfect sonnet - bright eyes
bowl of oranges - bright eyes
oh it is love - hellogoodbye
digital love - daft punk
lets talk about spaceships - say hi to your mom
we're so far away - mae


i love things right now. things are going.. basically great. i'm happy. school is going great. and just... yeah.

things could always be better though.


Oct. 14th, 2006

(no subject)

i <3 the balloon fiesta. <32lrkjaewklrj yeah. and caramel mocha thing from the irysh macs stand place. :) ldakjfs it was delicious! <3 <3

that's it.

Oct. 6th, 2006

(no subject)

wow! i just got an amazing phone call earlier today.

okay, so here's the deal. i found an art and design college i want to go to in denver. it's basically amazing, and about $10,000 a semester... so... $80,000 for four years. that's expensive. but it's a really nice school! okay, well a few days ago i requested some information to be sent to my house. and i put in my info and everything, and it asked for my GPA. and i put in 3.85.. that's what it was at the end of last year..

okay, this lady called me, saying she had a scholarship offer! she said my GPA was in the highest bracket, and right this moment, without seeing a portfolio or anythinggg, i can get up to $5000 dollars a year! so that's $20,000 in the long run! and $60,000 is better than $80,000!!! :D and so once i submit my portfolio, and actually do the application, i might be able to get more money!!!!

i'm so excited about my future now!! that lady made my day!



Sep. 29th, 2006

(no subject)

it's been about 2 weeks since my last post!

uhm, everything is going basically alright!

well.. my car is now stereo-less, thanks to some fucker who stole it. ugh. that was either wednesday night or thursday morning, when i got there at about 8:40 to go to school on thursday, it was gone! so yeah, that sucked.

but on thursday, Pi came to school, and suprised me! he totally played me a song! and sang toooo! it made me smile so much!!! <3 :D

well. yeah, that's about it! i'm stereo-less and it sucks! my car is boring now! and kinda empty, sicne i dont have a stereo, i dont need my cds in there! so it has just a few stuffed animals, and thats about it.

i guess my real english teacher is really sick. so we have a long term sub now. and she's basically a bitch! but yeah, i hope everything goes alright and i dont totally fail. the long term sub is a student teacher at my school, and yeah, she doesn't know how to handle a 12th grade english class. its pretty shitty!

and.. thats about it.

Sep. 15th, 2006

(no subject)

okay! i haven't updated in quite a while. insurance sent us a check for the money for the items we lost, and i got a new laptop. <3 its a hp, with a 120 gig hd, and 1.5 gigs of ram. it runs fast, and i <3 it. :D

school has been going pretty good. i dont think i'm failing yet! and i dont think i will either! yay. uhm... yeah..

i have a cold at the moment, and it fucking sucks! i feel like shit, but i'm making the best of this situation. i've been sleeping a lot, seeing if that will help it go away faster. my nose hurts like.. fucking too much. :( its all red and i look stupid.

uhm. yeah, that's about it!

i'll update.. some other time.


Aug. 22nd, 2006

(no subject)

i've offically been in my classes for a week now. its quite great. my english class feels like we're back in middle school, its so fucking easy, but hey, thats what i wanted, not taking honors classes. english kind of sucks though, i dont talk to ANYONE in that class. computer graphics, wow. thats easy. uhm. the teacher makes me help everyone, since, according to her i "know everything". uh. NO. but okay? and my government class rocks, the teacher is neat and really funny, and i'm basically friends with EVERYONE in there, which also rocks, and.. no homework!

uhm. yeah, thats about it. i need to get a job soon, but i dont want too! haha. yeah...... i need the money though.

people are comming back to my school, people i havent seen since middleschool, and its great. i miss middleschool, the students there, not the teachers or the uniforms though. uhg.

so. everything is going good.

the german foreign exchange student is amazing. well.. by amazing i mean he's really nice, and cute to the max.

i love my car. its also cute to the max.

ah, almost everything is great. :D

OH YEAH. i havent told anyone on lj this yet, but last month basically, some stupid fucker robbed our house. yeah. he stole our dvd player, the n64, the dreamcast, my bass guitar, one of my brothers paintball guns, and my LAPTOP. i miss it like crazy. yeah

okay, i'm done now

Sep. 16th, 2005

(no subject)

i dont know why i have so many feelings for aaron still.. my little crush should have gone away by now. i just hate it. and it makes me feel hopeless and lonely.

</3 this song reminds me of him so much.. considering he told me to listen to it, a few months back.... i'm about to just cry my eyes out right now. but i'm holding all my tears back.

Aug. 29th, 2005

(no subject)

i had a great time tonight at a show down at sol arts.

the overnight, dear oceana, and the trembling played. it was a nice little thing. 30 people maybe? tons of people knew eachother. everyone danced. i only went because i know a boy in dear oceana, and he's way cute, and i'm so glad i went. the entire night was just amazing. the trembling.. they're from detroit. and yeah, that was funnnnnn. yay. lol.

during the trembling, they had everyone go up to someone they didnt know, and introduce themselves. it was nice. lol. and then we all held hands and danced. :D lol. i held a boy from dear oceana..'s hand. hehe. he was cute. lol.

there was tons of cute boys there. ha. elaine came with me. and victor drove us. :D

anyways, i need to sleep. school early in the morning. o_o. oh well.


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